Recording difficulties

When I try to rewcord a new title from, say radio, it immediiately pauses, and can’t be shifted. Pressing Pause has no effect. John

Ensure that “Sound Activated Recording” is NOT enabled in “Transport menu > Transport Options”.

Thank you, Steve. That has unlocked the pause buttonm. But I am now getting no signal, recoding wave is a flat line. Mike level makes no difference. What am i doing wrong? John

Ensure that Audacity has permission to use the microphone. (Microsoft use the term “microphone” to refer to any recording device).
See “Windows 10 privacy settings” in the green box:

Thank you again. I seem to have it working basically, but when I am recording from my Yamaha amplifier, via the headphone outlet, I am only getting the right channel, which is duplicated on both left and right recording channels! (The wave forms are identical)

Makes and models - please describe from end to end, what equipment you are using and how they are connected.

I am using a Yamaha amplifier, about 8 years old, model A-S500, through which I play LPs, CDs, Radio and Audio Tapes. The amplifier has a 1/4 inch headphone output socket, to which I attach a 1/8th inch adapter, and a 3 core lead into my Lenovo IdeaPad 110, about three years old. The signal at the lap top end of the lead is fine, two channel, well separated. I have checked this with a pair of headphones. The problem has always been within the lap top as there is only one jack input socket, I believe, four core, to act as input and output. When I first acquired the laptop, and I connected a jack plug, it asked me whether I wanted to use it as a mike or speraker. It no longer does this, and automatically defaults to output.

I have acquired a “splitter” with a four core male on one end and two three core female inputs on the other. That seems to be OK. But when, after difficulty I get the Audacity programme working, the right channel output only is recognised, and records on both channels on Audacity. The two wave forms are identical. The same problem occurs when I try to record a disc via my Opimum LAB 1100 turntable.

It must be somewhere in settings.

Help! I’m tearing my hair! John

Or in the hardware…

Steve may know otherwise, but these laptop jacks only provide stereo output and mono input as your have found. Gone are the days when every laptop had a stereo line-in connection. The manufacturers have instead opted to supply USB, HDMI and microSD slots, etc.

You will need a USB adapter such as the Behringer UCA222 with a stereo input. And of course a cable such as the Hosa TRS-202 Insert Cable. Note that the super cheap USB adapters do not supply anything more than you already have.

I think that’s very likely. “Combi-jacks” on laptops are generally intended for “headphones” (stereo) / “microphone” (mono), and may have 5v DC on one of the 4 contacts to power an electret mic.

or the UCA 202.
This would be a worthwhile upgrade even if we weren’t trying to fix a problem. These two little Behringer devices have RCA plugs, making it very easy to connect to the Yamaha amplifier, without having to abuse the amplifier’s headphone output. The Behringer’s (Burr-Brown) A/D converters are likely to be much better than the one in the laptop. Just connect the Behringer to the amp with normal hi-fi interconnects, and to the computer via the included USB lead.

(Using the headphone output as the source is a handy when there’s no other option, but it’s not ideal. Headphone outputs are designed specifically for driving headphones.)