Recording device USB Audio controll

I’m trying to install this on my desk top (Miceosoft 7) and the microphone USB audio controll isn’t in the list for me to choose. Neither is in the playback line loud speaker high definition audio. Any ideas?

You installed Audacity and now neither the Audacity Preferences nor the Device Dropdowns have your USB microphone? Can Windows see it?

Start > Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices.

It may not say the name of your microphone. Sometimes it just says “USB Audio Device.”


In checking the control panel I don’t see one that says sound and audio controll devices.

On Windows 7 its called “Sound”: .

A USB microphone cannot be used for computer playback, unless it is a headset (microphone with headphones).

Check all these hints if the computer or Audacity does not see the USB device:

Those hints apply to any type of USB device, not just turntables.


I’m not using the USB to play it back, trying to use the USB to record from a Cassette player to my computer. In checking "sound " on my desk top I didn’t see anything that had to do with recording using the USB.

Then please read the link already provided .

You have to go through exactly the same routine for a USB cassette player as a USB turntable.