Recording Device only option is Built-in Microphone

Just starting out, using a MacBook Pro (Early 2015 10.14.3) I have a RCA jack from my old record player plugged into headphone jack on my Mac with 3.5 jack. Only option On Recording Device is Built -in Microphone, can I get another option or do I need get a USB convertor for my record player?

13"? The 13 inch had a setup service where it tried to get the one connection to do everything.

Apple (upper left) > System Preferences > Sound. Somewhere in those settings should be the ability to make the single connection be stereo for recording. Then you need a cable much like this one.

To connect the record player you may need small female to female adapters if your record player is cable-only.


If what you really have is a turntable, then you will need an adapter such as the Behringer UFO-202 which has both a simple stereo connection and is switchable to the three connections needed for an RIAA cartridge compensation from a turntable. The third cable is the thin black wire with the spade connection on the end.

Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 14.30.24.png

Note the extra thumb screw on the left (for the black wire) and the switch from Line to PHONO.