Recording device headphones(realtk audio)(loopback)

After a long search I worked out why aud stopped recording when I plugged in headphones. I need to set recording device in audio setup to…recording device headphones(realtk audio)(loopback). I can now record with phones pluged in. Question how do I make this my default recording mode as when I turn off I have to go
through the entire process again. Thanks for your time!

I know of no way to do this.

Update: You might be able to create a macro to do this but you would still have to invoke the macro. See: Extra Menu: Device - Audacity Manual

Also: Macros - Audacity Manual

Setup your devices in Windows before setting up in Audacity.
Make sure all works in windows sound settings control panel.
Set you default devices in windows… they will appear in Audacity when you open Audacity.
Click the device you want to use in Audacity Preferences or on the toolbar

Many thanks for your time, works a treat.! Rgds sounds

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