Recording desktop app and mic simultaneously revisited

Using Audacity 3.2.4 on Windows 10

I found a thread from 2007 on this, and wondered if anything’s changed.

I’m active in “cued ballroom dance”, which is kind of what it sounds like - a “cuer” guides the dancers through a choreographed routine for a particular piece of music.

By convention, the music is mixed to mono in the left channel, and the cues are recorded in the right.

What I do now is to load the music into audacity, then do ctl-r to record a new mono track while I’m listening to the music.

What I would LIKE to be able to do is to run the specialized cuer software (because it has features to help me keep track of where I am) to play the music, then record both this and my microphone at the same time. I know it’s physically possible to do this in Windows, because my desktop recording software can do it (but that means creating video, then pulling it into and editor and extracting the audio…).

I don’t really want to mess with an external mixer. Like I said, I know it’s possible. I’ve recorded app output in Audacity, and I’ve recorded from the mic in Audacity, but I can’t see any way to do both.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Can’t your specialised cuer software do the recording?

No, the cuer software doesn’t record, and I doubt the creator would add it. People usually want to work with their cued recordings in Audacity anyway.