Recording DCF77 signal

I want record DCF77 signal(77500Hz) from line input under WINDOWS 10 with 192kB sampling and I can not get the same playback signal
wav file on ostsillograme when recording it and don`t listen low-frequency clicks on speaker.Please help solve the problem.It is necessary to write the program synchronization clock radios.

What sound card are you using? Does it support frequencies up to 77500Hz? (most sound cards have a cut-off at about 22000 Hz which is built into the hardware).

Yes my sound card support up to 192kHz

So does mine, but the actual frequency response looks like this:
window-Frequency Analysis-000.png

I test sound card audio tester 3.0 with real signal.all is good.

Is DFX Audio Enhancer influencing those results?


He turned off.
Frequency analyzer normally play the recorded file,
now i need info about sound card synthesis signal dsf77 (77500Hz).

Sorry but I don’t understand clearly what you are trying to say.
Are you getting the DCF77 signal in your recording?
Are you getting clicks in the recording that shouldn’t be there?

There are many reasons that clicks can occur. There are some suggestions in these two links:

Clicking has recording and playback should be.All it fine, tried to play the recording file in portabl version Audacity and everything is OK.