Recording conference calls

I’m involved in multiple conference calls during the course of the week. Because of everyone’s
busy schedule, team members sometimes miss the call. I recently purchased a small device
from Radio Shack that plugs into the phone and has a standard input jack. I’m looking to
plug the input jack into the microphone port on my computer and then record. I tested the
configuration with a portable CD player and was able to record the output from the CD player
so I feel comfortable that my setup is correct. When I try recording something via the phone,
nothing is picked up or recorded. I’m wondering if I need a different setup for capturing a
phone conversation vs. output from a stereo device. Any thoughts?

There’s your problem right there. You can’t get an Output out of an Input jack. You’ll need a device that gives you a separate output of the entire phone conversation. I don’t know of any, but I’m sure they exist.

To clarify, the device that I’m using with my phone has a output jack which connects to
the microphone port of the computer. I have things working. The main problem was
the conference speaker was using a headset so volume was the issue.