Recording computer sounds and a microphone

Hello everyone! I am new to these forums, so sorry if I am asking questions like a noob.
Ok so, to the question. I am using audacity to record audio for gameplay and voiceovers. So my question is, how can I record my game sound AND my microphone at the same time. I know I can record game sound as I play, then record my voice after the recording, but I don’t really want to do that because then my viewers don’t have my real reaction. I am using the Samson go-mic with astro a40 headphones, both with two channels. If you need more info, just tell me. Thanks.

Typically, the Windows “mixer” only allows you to record from one “device” at a time. Audacity simply “captures” whatever Windows feeds it.

There are special applications that allow you to record both sides of a Skype conversation, and those applications might work. You might try [u]Total Recorder[/u] ($18 USD and up). There might also be some special applications for game recording that can do it.

That’s not easy and it comes up a lot.

See if there’s anything there.


Thanks, but I am trying to use ONLY audacity because I have had a lot of trouble with everything else.

Now it’s a clean sweep.

Games can establish custom sound pathways similar to the way Skype works. It’s very rough to record both sides of a Skype call at the same time. Skype grabs sound services with white knuckles and won’t let go. I’m guessing that how game sound works and that’s why your other software doesn’t work, either.

There are Desperation Methods. Record the commentary and game sound on Something Else. All your problems are happening because of a bloody battle for computer services on your single machine.

That’s a Zoom H4. The newer one’s an H4a. It has provision to plug in two different external sound inputs and you can mix them down later as you need. I think this one will actually record up to four different sounds.


You can’t, unless you make the microphone play through the headset and record from stereo mix. You have more chance of doing that if you use the headset mic.

Imperfect as it may be, most people use FRAPS (see the link in the topic Koz pointed you to).

What version of Windows? What version of Audacity? See the pink panel at the top of this page.