Recording cassettes

I’m about to start a project Recording ALL my 90+ TDK MA90 cassettes to my desktop(Dell XPS 8700 Win 8.1 64bit)from my Technics M270X 3 head deck w/dolby&dbx noise reduction.I’m new to Audacity so I wonder If anyone has any ideas to pass on.I realize this going to take awhile,my plan is after all is recorded I can stream by DLNA to my smart tv or av receiver,So any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated

Start with your least favourite tapes.
Your technique will improve with practice, so a good idea to save the best 'till last :wink:

Also, see this tutorial in the manual:

thanks Steve,Wow there’s a lot of reading to do, BTW just looking at the Audacity window(browser?)is a little intimidating

Try not to be intimidated, it’s not that bad really :wink:
Just take a bit of time to play with it and become familiar with the basics before you take on the big job of 90+ tapes.

The manual is included in the recommended download (in the Help menu), and the first page of the manual has links to just about everything. Also, the big picture of Audacity on the first page is clickable and will take you to the relevant section of the manual.
The “Getting Started” section is worth a look - select “Quick Help” from the Help menu, then take a look at those links and try some stuff out. “Having a go” will be far more instructive than anything I can say.