recording cassettes via dehringer UCA202

Behringer UCA202.jpg
Hello everyone,

I am using Audacity to record cassettes into a computer and convert into mp3 files. I had a problem using a straight cable going from the recorder to the pc. There was a lot of distortion so someone suggested I get the device called a dehringer UCA202.

I got it, but now I can’t seem to get Audacity to record the using the device. I am using a cable that has one jack on one end and two on the other. (Please see attached images to see everything I’m using) I’m plugging the two jacks into the input ports of the Dehringer and the single end jack into the MONIT port of the cassette. The USB on the Dehringer is plugged into the pc. I turn on Audacity, hit play on the cassette player and the the record button on Audacity. I get nothing but a straight line in the track.

Can anyone give me some suggestions on what I can do to correct this problem. I would sincerely appreciate it very much. Thank you. See attachments.
ports on Cassette Player.jpg

Ensure that the UCA 202 is connected to the computer before you start Audacity.
The recording input in the Device Toolbar should be set to the USB option so as to record from the UCA 202.