recording cassette

Can you copy a whole side of a cassette as one track and split the tracks later? If yes how do you do it? Thanks :astonished:

Oh, sure.

I would change Audacity Preferences to 44100, 16-bit, Stereo. Music CDs like that.

When you’re finished recording one tape, stop Audacity and Export As WAV. This will give you your Capture Master sound file. You might want to copy that file to a second drive for safety.

Then play the recorded show and put a label (Apple-B or Control-B) at the beginning of each segment you want as a separate piece. Then File > Export Multiple > WAV and Audacity will give you a pile of individual music files that you can drop into your Music CD authoring program and burn.

If you make a horrible mistake or Audacity throws up its little feet and dies, you can start over with your Capture Master WAV file. You don’t need to capture the whole tape again.

That’s the abbreviated version. Let us know where you got stuck.