Recording Cassette- Won't "Grab" First Part of Recording

New user, still trying to figure Audacity out. I have been able to sucessfully record several cassettes to mp3 so far, but on a few of them, Audacity does not seem to “grab” the first few seconds or minutes of the sound- there is just a flat line until it somehow later picks it up and records like it should. I’ve been recording in stereo, but tried mono just for the heck of it, and still no success. I’m using a brand new casssette player. Any thoughts about what’s going on? Thanks.

It’s not the cassette player – probably. Describe the computer.


HP Pavillion, AMD Sempron processor, 448 MB RAM, Windows XP


Audacity may be looking for good, clean, defragmented hard drive space to work in. How much hard drive space is there and when was the last time you error checked and defragmented? Audacity will not work into a highly fragmented hard drive no matter how much room you seem to have.