Recording Cassette with data on both sides

I was able to record the first side of the cassette. It was good but didn’t use the full cassette. The other side of the cassette is a continuation. I tried to turn it over but it started a new line…not sure how to record both sides of tape cassette. I need Audacity for Dummies.

Which three-number Audacity are you using? The latest one, 2.2.2, defaults to adding a new track at the end of the old one. Earlier versions didn’t do that.

It basically reverses Record and Shift-Record. If one doesn’t do what you want, use the other. You can also pause (P), flip the cassette over and (P) again to un-pause.


What are you doing? Do you want one continuous recording or do you want individual songs/tracks? You’ll probably have to do some editing no matter what…

There’s more than one way to handle it… If I was “babysitting” the recording, I’d probably just keep recording while I flip-over the cassette (or LP) and then edit-out the gap later.