[Recording] Can't select input using Fasttrack USB soundcard

Hi everyone,

first message on this forum, and new to Audacity since yesterday.

I’m facing this problem : when trying to record (shift + record) on a new mono track (from an USB Fasttrack souncard with two inputs : left on XLR and right on Jack), I can’t get any input.

I’m able to record on a stereo track (I must precise that I have to use the jack input), so I assume it’s not the soundcard.

So here’s my question : where can I select the input on a solo track ??

I was guessing it was the menu that opens when clicking on the arrow from the track but no way, mono - left - right, nothing works…

I’ve been through the manual, tutorial and this forum but just can’t find the solution !

Thx in advance all !

Shift-Record is for Append Recording, not straight record. Press Stop and click once anywhere in the red recording meters and they will wake up and after a second, meter the computer input. That’s a handy troubleshooting tip.

Make sure the Device Toolbar has your USB Device selected.


Every time you press record, you should get a new sound track in the work window. You can’t add music to an existing track unless you Append-Record and then you get the same character as the original track, stereo or mono and only at the end.

Audacity doesn’t have Punch-In like a tape machine.


Hi koz,

I managed to work my way around with your tip.

Thx !