Recording but not writing to disk

Hello! I am seeing levels on the toolbar and a wave as I record, but every six seconds or so there is silence for a couple seconds, and when I stop the recording nothing has written and the file is blank. I realize Audacity writes to disk every six seconds or so, so I am guessing it has something to do with that. It does not matter what input I use, whether it’s the internal mic, an input into the analog jack or an external sound card; the same thing occurs.

I run Audacity 2.0.2 on a Windows 7 64-bit system with Service Pack 1. I have an i3 processor with 4 GB RAM.

I have searched but can’t find a similar issue here. Thanks!

I’d probably go into Edit > Preferences > Directories and make sure Audacity is trying to write to a real place and it has permissions access to that place. You can get into troubles if you install Audacity as an administrator, but run it as a Lowly User. The permissions could change so it no longer works.


Thank you! Your suggestion prompted me to run Audacity as an administrator and everything works fine! I appreciate the help.

It would probably be better to just change the location of the temp folder to somewhere that you have write permission as a standard user.

I agree. I checked the properties of the folder and it appeared that it had permission, so I must be missing something. I know just enough to be dangerous. :slight_smile: At least I have a work-around for now.

Two level help works. Get You Out Of Trouble Right Now and the knowledge of where to go later to fix for real. I’m good with that.