recording both comp sound and external mic simultaneously

I had audacity on my PC and loved it. I had no issues setting everything to record from a mic and the computer (a google chat or skype call for example). I am having some difficulty doing the same on my new Macbook Pro (New mac user, too). Any tips? I would definitely appreciate it :smiley:

most recent version of OS X, it’s a brand new Macbook Pro, Audacity version 2.1.1, and I downloaded the .dmg file.

I am having some difficulty doing the same on my new Macbook Pro

You may have a lot more difficulty. Macs have no native ability to record themselves, so just recording the far side of a Skype call or YouTube sound could be entertaining.

Did you give away the Windows machine yet? I would keep that around to produce your show until we get this untangled. This is a podcast, right? You didn’t explicitly say so.

If you’re not horrified enough yet, many of us use two (or more) Macs to produce a podcast. This is how the Pando podcast is done:

And this is how I did my podcast engineering test. To be fair, the Pando people have many more machines than they really need. They only need two, the same two I have. Skype Management on one and Music Playback/Show Record on the other.

Is it too late to catch the trash pickup people?


You should have posted additional information as a reply to this thread, not as a new message. I don’t remember how to straighten this out.


I do still have a PC. Recording system audio on the Mac (the other end of the call) hasn’t been difficult, soundflower helped w that. Its recording my end simultaneously that’s giving me fits

Have you tried creating an aggregate device combining the external mic and the Soundflower (2 ch) device? That should work as long as you set the computer output device to Soundflower, but it may not completely solve the problem of the sources drifting apart.


Aggregate Device has the additional problem of fixed volume. If one portion of the device has low volume compared to the other, you can’t always do anything about it.

Then there’s the possibility of feedback. Soundflower already has odd signal pathways and if you add more, you could make it try to play to itself, like making an odd thumping sound during the show.