Recording Blue Yeti & Skype?

I’d like to record a discussion with someone over Skype for my YouTube channel using Audacity. I know there’s a way to record the mic audio as well as the computer audio (Skype) using ‘stereo mix’. The problem is, I would need to turn on “Listen to this device” for my Yeti microphone. I would also still need to be able to hear the person on Skype. When I use the Blue Yeti, I wear headphones so I can hear myself with zero latency. Unfortunately, with “Listen to this device” turned on, I get double audio in my headphones since it’s slightly delayed.

Is it possible to listen to myself and Skype through my headphones while also recording both using Audacity? I’ve seen/heard many podcasts and YouTube videos where one person is on Skype, so there’s obviously a way to accomplish this, I just don’t know if it’s possible with Audacity. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Chase was a poster a while back who managed to regularly crank out a successful Skype podcast with Audacity. That’s one in a row. Most people get what you got. It gets almost there but is missing a piece.

Neither Audacity nor Skype Play Well With Others. Sometimes they tolerate each other just enough to give you a false sense of confidence, then Skype decides to change a service or setting in the background and your show collapses.

Audacity is not recommended for this job.

Pamela does well. Their licenses can record the sides of the conversation split so you can correct one without messing up the other.

Other software products are available. If you find something that works, do post back.

You might also look at voicemeeter.

They can create custom sound channels in your machine and then allow you to control them.