recording bass guitar with a mic to amp echo and delay prob

When I play my bass through the miced amp the sound is awesome with my bose speakers I use form my windows vista home premium machine. But when I start Audacity and select start monitering for the mic, it then has a second or so delay and it echoes and the echoe wells and grows till it over powers and then turns into feedback and screeching. I am using a cheap logitech mic but it sounds good til i moniter for it to record. Any settings I need to tweek to record this way? I thnk I used the installer to get audacity but im not certain.

Turn off “Software Playthrough” in the Transport menu.
It is not possible to listen a Logitec USB microphone while recording without an unacceptable delay. To b able to do that with a USB mic, the mic must have a headphone socket built in, but the Logitec mic does not have one.