Recording bass guitar -fixing mistakes on a track

Need help here!

Been recording my bass guitar on audacity. Works fine, however I need to know if it is possible to simply ‘re-record’ only sections of a track in which I made a mistake? I have not found a way yet and need to re-record the entire track when not satisfied of my playing.

Is there any way to do that so it would save me tremendous amount of time?


  1. Select the mistake.
  2. Silence the mistake, either (a) or (b) or
  3. Click on the track a short way before the mistake (so that you get a “run in”).
  4. Press the “Record” button or press the “R” key. A new track will be recorded starting from the cursor position.
  5. Press the “Stop” button (or spacebar)
  6. Edit the tracks so that you get a smooth transition from the old recording to the new recording and back.

Thanks so much !!

I will give it a try !! I understand there is no way to record directly ‘on top’ of the already recorded track and will give it a try.

That’s called “Punch-In” from the old linear tape days, but people forget that you can’t punch out very well without leaving a hole. Also, you lose the original music to use for timing when you do that.

You can use the Overdubbing tools to listen to the old track at the exact same time you’re recording the new. That may be helpful.

Also, you know somebody is going to try to Punch In and Out without making a safety copy of the show and they’re going to destroy the whole segment or tune.


I forgot to mention I am using 2.0.4 !!!

Thanks everyone !

Tried it !! works flawlessly !!!

You guys saved me sooo much time !!!

Thanks !