Recording audio next to a window


I’m trying to build a setup to allow me to record audio for YouTube. However, my specific problem is that the recording will be taking place in a small room with a window next to me. The acoustics in the room are quite good but the road outside, whilst not busy, can transmit quite a lot of noise which is easily picked up.

Whilst I’m comfortable with video editing, I don’t know an awful lot about the audio side. I’ve been recommended a couple of mics (Blue Yeti and the Samsung CO1U), but they’re both omnidirectional. From reading this article it seems to suggest that I need a directional microphone instead. My idea is basically to have the mic pointing towards me and away from the window in order to reduce the problem although I would prefer to have it sitting in front of me and simply shielding the outside noise.

So I have some questions:

  1. Am I right in saying the CO1U and Blue Yeti aren’t what I’m looking for?
  2. Can anyone recommend a good directional mic?

As a little extra information, the window is about 3ft away, directly to my right. Any help would be wonderful, thank you.

Sorry, I arrived here via a search engine so I didn’t see the recording equipment forum. I guess this should really be over there.

If this is for voice recording, a USB headset mic may be worth considering. Because a headset mic is very close to your mouth (usually best positioned just to the corner of the mouth so that you are not blowing on it), it will pick up more of your voice and less of other sounds. The sound quality of headset mics may not be that fantastic, but they can be useful in overcoming environmental noise.

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Thanks for moving that for me and thanks for the suggestion. I have a headset mic right now which tends to come with a lot of noise. Obviously Audacity helps a lot with that, but I’m hoping to try for higher quality. I have a budget of around £100-£150, if that makes things easier.