Recording audio isn't linked to my mic.

I downloaded the recent audacity version, wasn’t a fan of the new UI, So I decided to uninstall but now my Recording audio slider is no longer linked to my microphone.

If I slide it, It’ll remain the same recording level and now the only way for me to change it is by manually opening Manage Audio devices and setting my microphones level there. I checked with an older version of audacity and that problem was not there, but I’m unable to use plugins loaded on newer audacity versions for some weird reason. any tips on how to fix this problem?

So you are talking about two different versions of Audacity? Which ones?

Audacity’s recording slider should control the level of your internal microphone or the one plugged into your microphone port if you have one. It does NOT control the level of USB microphones as that level is controlled at the digitizer which resides in your USB device, external to your computer.

Some older versions of Audacity may have allowed you to lower this USB volume, but it won’t change the level at which clipping occurs which is the only reason to lower this volume anyway, and it only gives you a false sense of security. If you need to lower the recorded volume, you can do it afterwards.

If you need to reset your Audacity configuration, do Tools > Reset Configuration. If that doesn’t do the trick, you can delete (or rename) the audacity folder located in your %appdata% directory. (Click on the Windows magnifying glass and enter %appdata%.)

Perhaps start a different topic for this issue.