recording audio from roland mx1

Hi I have a 2011 imac High Sierra 10.13 running audacity 3.0.0
I have a roland mx1 mixer with various aria gear attached. I want to be able to record from my mx1 into audacity which on my old pc laptop worked fine and also gave me more options for input such as channel number etc whereas on the mac i can only select mx1 internal or mic.

I have installed mx1 drivers and all runs well with zenbeats but i can only record internal audio even when selecting mx1. my audio plays out to the mx1 from audacity and will record from internal apps but not external from mx1 which is connected via usb.
When i try to select mx1 as input and channel 16 audacity crashes everytime.

I also have a pioneer ddj sx controller connected via usb and when i use that it works fine but only records the mp3s playing in serato from the mac and not any line in input through the controller. I have also tried line out from the mixer to the line in on my imac but still doesnt record.

Windows guy here. Until a MAC user replies, let me suggest that you check that Audacity has permission to use your microphone.

I hope this helps. :smiley: