"Recording" audio from HDMI


I have some Blu-ray audio discs - Rush Moving Pictures for example. I was thinking of running the analogue outputs from my Blu-ray player through my vinyl ripping ADC to get a FLAC copy for on the move but it seams a shame when there’s already hi-res PCM available. Is there a way I can get the PCM stream from HDMI to USB and use Audacity to “record” the input?

Sorry if it’s a blatantly stupid question but I don’t really understand PCM, DSD etc but I know using the DAC in my Blu-ray player followed by the ADC in my vinyl ripper is likely to be less than ideal.


Have a look at Play Blu-ray Movies with Windows Media Center or Media Player on on Windows 8/7

Thanks but this seems to be about ripping the full video and audio rather than ripping the audio into a FLAC.

What I’m thinking - probably wrongly - is that when I play the blu ray, there is a PCM stream being carried out of the player over HDMI. If I could redirect that PCM stream, via USB, to Audacity, I could “record” the stream at 96/24 and then export to FLAC (in other words the same as I do with LPs).

Maybe this will help:
Guide: How to extract audio from Blu-ray and DVD-Audio discs
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You aren’t going to get a digital copy of the audio by playing or recording it unless you have a digital sound card or converter with an HDMI input.

I would definitely rip the disc - it must have a Linear PCM stream by definition. I have not tried it but this is supposedly free and should retain all the audio streams into an MKV container: http://www.makemkv.com/ .

If necessary you could then open the MKV file in Avidemux ( http://avidemux.sourceforge.net/ ) and extract the audio. You may be able to convert it to FLAC in Avidemux but if not, once you have got a WAV you can convert it to FLAC in Audacity.

If you install FFmpeg ( http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/faq_installation_and_plug_ins.html#ffdown ) and drag the MKV into Audacity it might be able to select the correct audio stream from the file - I am not sure about that.


Thanks for the replies and the suggestions. Looks like I’d need to buy a blu ray drive for the puter plus some copy protection software to rip it properly and given I’ve only 3 blu ray audio discs that could work out pricey. I’ll try ripping it from the analogue stream at 96/24 and see what it’s like before I spend any money.

Thanks again.