Recording audio from a video

Hi, I know you can do this with audacity but I never got a satisfactory recording, it’s just ok, but I’d like high quality audio. Is there a way to extract audios from videos (I know there’s websites where you can do this but you need the video downloaded first) or a good way that people record videos and audios?


If it’s streaming download, I think your only chance is Stereo Mix. Recording what’s playing on the computer in real time.

If you have the shows on DVD, you need a decrypter and then a ripper.


You can extract , aka “rip” , the audio from a video using Audacity , but you must install something called “FFmpeg” into Audacity first , see …[i]How_do_I_download_and_install_the_FFmpeg[/i]_Import.2FExport_Library.3F

The then you just drag-n-drop the video file into Audacity and it will extract the audio from the video.
It takes approx 1/20th of the playback time , i.e. ripping the audio from a 1 hour video-file takes about a three minutes.

Also see “How to get audio from vob file” … How to get audio from vob file - #4 by steve