Recording audio from a PC to a Laptop


Audacity 3.1.3 with Windows 11

I am using Sibelius 7 with a PC. While Sibelius has an export to audio option
the result has many deficiencies.

So I have tried to play audio out of the PC and into Audacity on a Windows 11 laptop.
Thus far, Audacity has failed to detect the incoming audio.

I have asked Windows 11 to detect this additional input but it has failed to do so.

Any hints would be gratefully received.

Transferring audio that way, from PC to PC/laptop, will invariably mean that the audio will be
converted from digital to analog then again from analog to digital.

This will degrade the audio.

It will be far better to export the audio as a wav (it may mean finding work arounds in Sibelius) and then simply transferring
that wav file to the target laptop.

Avoid exporting the audio in lossy formats such as mp3 and AAC.
These will also degrade the audio and it’s a one way ticket, it can’t be undone.

Thank you, Paul.
I don’t know that Sibelius is flexible when it comes to exporting
but I will check again in case there is a way round this.

Surely it can do “stock standard” wav 16 or 24 bit exports at either 44.1 or 48 KHz?

I didn’t read all of it, but perhaps the link below will be of some help.

Are you perhaps trying to export midi sounds?
If so, midi contains no actual audio, it’s only commands (notes/velocity, etc) for synthesizers and/or drum machines.
These in turn, produce the audio depending on which synthesizer or drum machine pattern/voice you have selected.

Hi Paul. I can’t investigate this further till this evening but just to reassure you that MIDI is not involved in any way.
I’ll check out the link you have provided. Thanks for that.