I have been using various versions of Audacity over the last 18 months ,creating WAV files and burning them onto 700MB disks using Windows Media Player.They have turned out as disks capable of being played on CD players ( for hypnotherpy clients) as well as on PC. Recently they have come out as PC playable only. What has gone wrong? :angry:

Check that Windows Media Player is set to create “audio CDs” and not “data CDs”.
Personally, I’d suggest that you try a better CD burning program, such as CDBurnerXP

Hi there
Thanks for the reply.Could you be more specific about where to change the settings in the Media Player.Also, the burner you recommend defaults to Korean: do you have an alternative,please? Thanks for your patience


Sorry, I don’t use Windows Media Player.
CDBurnerXP is available in English. The link that I posted should go directly to the English home page.