Recording at higher turntable speed

Is it possible to record using a higher rpm speed IE: 45 or 78 from the turntable?then adjusting the speed to normal before saving,

Yes. You can use the [u]Change Speed Effect[/u] to slow it back down.

But, I wouldn’t recommend it - You’ll push the highest frequencies up to where the phono cartridge won’t pick them up as well, and they might be further rolled off by the soundcard or completely eliminated by the [u]Nyquist limit[/u] (unless you use a high sample rate).

And, you’ll foul-up the [u]RIAA Equalization[/u].


Sound in a record groove isn’t perfect and flat. Bass notes don’t fit so they’re reduced and the high pitch stuff is boosted to help compete with noise. If you transfer the records at the wrong speed the boosts and reductions happen to the wrong sounds.


Thanks for the help guys.I will continue as normal, don’t want to mess things up