Recording at a slower or faster Playback Speed

I’ve been working with audacity for just a little while, but after looking around here, I haven’t found it.

I have been working with original soundtracks, and i noticed some sound more interesting when the playback is set faster or slower.
I want to record these soundtracks with the playback speed set (at say 0.70 or at 1.35). I know it should shorten or legthen the song, so is there instead a way to “stretch” or “compress” the entire sound track instead of recording it at a different playback speed?

Thanks for any feedback, and i wasn’t sure if this would be some kind of recording technique.


Use Audacity 1.3.5 and select “change tempo” from the effects menu.
Note that the more you stretch it, the worse the sound quality will become.

All right! Thanks alot! I actually found that instead choosing the Change speed instead of using the Tempo change is what i wanted.

Oh that’s good. There is very little loss in sound quality using “Change Speed”, since it’s just resampling and does not need to stretch the sound.