Recording at a lower pitch

Hi all, I’m new to Audacity. Running Windows 10, Audacity 2.1.3, using an M-Audio M-Track Plus audio interface. Used the .exe installer.

Whenever I record a track, it records a whole step lower than the original - same tempo though. I have tried changing the sample rate, rebooting, reinstalling multiple times. Any advice on this issue?


same tempo though.

I bet not. I bet if you record an hour show you don’t get an hour file.

A low or slow recording is a little weird because that means the machine was recording too fast. It’s much more normal to record a high pitched and fast show because that means the machine was too busy to record properly. Everybody has that problem.

I think I remember this one. The interface’s full family name is Avid M-Audio M-Track Plus. This series was designed to slide right into a full Avid video editing suite. What that means down here on earth is the custom M-Audio driver software is required to make it work right.


And/or, make sure you’re playing back on the M-Audio device… If you’re recording with the M-Audio and playing back on your soundcard, the clock in your soundcard may be off.