recording apeed changes

I am using Audacity 2.3.0 on Asus laptop with input from a mixer. I am recording a 35-minute program at my church. Last week, the recording stopped at about 23 minutes. Yesterday, at 26 minutes, the playback slowed to about half-speed. Why is it doing this? And is there any way to recover the slow speed recording to normal speed?

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Sound recording machines have to be in perfect condition and good order with lots of fast, clean hard drive space. If your system drive fills up or becomes crowded or fragmented, you can get recordings like what you have.

Make sure the machine is not running other software or doing other things while you’re recording.

Go into the drive information and make sure it’s not filling up.

Do a “clean” shutdown with Shift-Shutdown instead of the regular one. Then start. That will take longer, but do a better job.

Then, assuming there’s enough room, do a drive check and defragment. If you have very little room, defragmenting may take a very long time. There’s no alternative to having a lot of free space to work with.


Missed one.

Identify the place where the speed changed and put a label there.

Drag-select everything from the label to the end of the show. Effect > Change Speed. Guess at the number. It will be sticky and stay that value until you change it. If it’s too far off, Edit > Undo Speed Change and do over with a different value.

If you get the speed correct and the voice pitch is wrong, then Effect > Change Tempo may be right.