Recording and volume

Windows 10 (current) and current Audacity - 2.3.3 I think. Neat Widget B microphone. Lenovo 64 bit G505 laptop.
New user and NOT a tech.
Sound was bad (recording flute) so computer guy said to buy a real microphone. Bought a highly rated USB Neat Widget B microphone for about $50 and plugged it in.
Downloaded and installed Audacity.
I recorded my voice OK but when I play it back with Audacity the sound is OK but the volume level is too low.
When I try to increase the playback level I get a loud feedback noise (I assume) because of the microphone.
I have not changed any Audacity settings from what is default, and looking at the Audacity screen icons I can’t find anything to click on to quiet or mute the microphone when I play back what I just finished recording. I assume the fix would be very simple but I can’t find it.
What should I do to be able to increase the playback volume without bringing on that feedback squeal?

Turn off the speakers while recording. :wink:

If you’re getting “internal feedback” make sure you’ve selected the USB microphone as your recording device.

Digital levels are not too critical as long as you avoid clipping. You can Amplify after recording. it IS helpful to get a strong acoustic signal into the microphone do help drown-out acoustic/room noise.