Recording and uploading music

I am completely baffled on how to send/upload my songs from Audacity (Windows 2x version) to the Yamaha forum.
I have recorded two songs onto Audacity, and tried to use MP3 to transfer to the forum, BUT, When I want to actually send the music, clicking ‘Save’, Open, or ‘Options’ don’t work - In fact 'Options doesn’t appear on the list available! I am relatively new to this, and would like very much to be led by the hand through the process, please. This means, actually naming each key to press, and not expecting me to know anything! Sorry if this sounds childlike, but I am in my dotage, and not a young ‘whizkid’!

I also note that when I send any info to the forum, there doesn’t appear to be a way of uploading the song - it says ‘info only’ with no suggestion of music!

I can’t help with anything to do with the Yamaha forum as their forum has nothing to do with us, so you’ll need to ask them about those issues.

To create a normal audio file (such as a WAV or MP3 file from a recording in Audacity, you need to “Export” the audio.
There is a “Getting Started” guide for Audacity in the manual. The on-line version is here:
For Exporting audio, see this section of the guide:

Note that the manual (including the Getting Started guide) is included in Audacity (assuming that you installed the recommended version) and is accessed via the Help menu.

I don’t know anything about the Yamaha forum either. Some forums don’t allow you to upload music files. But, you can usually upload to a file sharing site and put a link into your post on the forum.

Of course, legitimate-legal file sharing sites don’t allow you to upload copyrighted songs, and the Yamaha site may not allow you to link to a copyrighted song either. Of course if this is your original music and you are the author & performer, that’s not an issue.