Recording and splitting

Hi all,

Is there any way that this software can record in 7 minute segments of a live feed and then create these as separate files in real time? So rather than waiting until the end of the full recording and then splitting it up what I need is for the live audio to be saved every 7 minutes so we would have 10 files of a 70 minute audio feed.


Audacity doesn’t do anything in real-time, except record. It is, primarily, a sound editor. Once you have your 70 minutes of recording, there are ways of speeding up the workflow to cut it into 7 minute chunks. However, you will have to wait for an appropriately skilled elf to come online. That kind of thing isn’t my scene!

If you record the full 70 minutes you can then use “Regular Interval Labels” to create labels every 420 seconds

Then use “Export Multiple” to export each labelled section.