recording and silences [SOLVED]

Hello, I have Audacity 2.05 under windows XP.
I am recording some Spanish and put a silence between each word. I have 3 sets of repetitions. The 1st set with 5 seconds (so I can repeat), then continuing with the same words but with 3 seconds spacing between words and then no specific spacing. The problem is that even if I change the length of silences, the exported mp3 does not change, it speaks fast. Is there a way to add longer silences between each words? Thanks

You need to fix the MP3 export. It should not be speed changed. Don’t use the Track Drop-Down Menu to change the rate as this changes speed. Use 44100 Hz project rate bottom left.

See also Windows XP support has ended - Microsoft Windows .


Thank you, I solved my problem. :smiley: