Recording and playing old recording at the same time

I use Audacity to record FM radio from my radio transmitter so I can skip the commercials and listen to the music/talkshows without interference.
Basically what I want to be able to do is to have Audacity keep recording the audio but to be able to playback the already recorded audio up until this point.
When I try to do it now Audacity stops recording. I did manage to playback a different track than the one that is currently recording, but this isn’t something I want to do either.

I want to record a single track, have it recording all day and to be able to navigate through it as much as I desire without the recording stopping.
How can I achieve this?


No, not with audacity, sorry.

Audacity doesn’t do anything in real time. You can’t play or do anything else while you’re recording.
Audacity is an audio editor mostly for post-production work.

What you need for your goal is something like MythTV. MythTV is an open source digital video recorder software, but I think it can be used to record radio too (audio only). MythTV will let you play a show while it is still recording it.
MythTV pre-built package are available for many linux distributions. Unfortunately there’s no pre-built Windows binary, which I’m guessing is probably your OS. There might be some other free software for Windows to do what you want, but you’ll have to search for it.

Is it possible to have Audacity write the media stream directly to disk as soon as recorded?
I could play it with a different player software then.

Yes and no.

Audacity will save the recorded audio to the disk while it is recording, but using audacity’s own file formats and structure, which can’t be opened by any other software. Not even by audacity itself, you can’t open a project that is still being recorded.

Audacity can’t be used as an audio buffer. Sorry.