Recording an interview through an online call (WhatsApp) using Audacity

Hi guys

I am pretty new to this platform but I need you help.

The COVID 19 pandemic has brought about a lot of issues and for me as a broadcaster, I need to have more interviews done from the comfort of my home. I am however incapacitated because I cannot get all the other fancy equipment to make my job easier and I have had to rely on free softwares such as this one and WhatsApp. In the past I have had to ask questions from my guests through voice notes, they respond through voice notes and I piece it together on audacity to come up with a full interview. This option is tiring and the feeling is so different to live radio productions.

However, WhatsApp is bringing WhatsApp calls on desktop and I was hoping you could help me in understanding how I can record my guests on WhatsApp using Audacity. That could be a very good option for me in my country and region as WhatsApp is a much preferred and cheaper alternative to Skype, etc and is widely used.

Thank you for your help…

The Official Party Line is do the interviews on Zoom and get Zoom to record them. I understand the last version of Zoom services would allow you to assign voices to files instead of jamming them all into one mix.

There is a way to record WhatsApp calls on your Android phone.

There is no simple, reliable way to get Audacity to record on-line interviews on any service.

There are complicate, expensive ways. I do it with two computers and small sound mixer. That’s how the broadcasters do it.

You can do it with two computers and make one a “fake” participant whose sole job it is to record the other two. We used to do that where I worked. Nobody could figure out how to make production meetings across multiple time zones available as a sound file. There was a computer on the sixth floor whose sole job it was to record the conference. It didn’t have a microphone or camera.