Recording an Album.

When Iam recording an Album Ie 20 or so songs I record it but I cannot put in the Song and Artist How would I do this would I record one song put in the Song and the Album then go onto the second song and do the same and so on Whats the difference from putting in the song on Save as and Edit Metador.


Sorry meant to say I originally from my last post know how to save to WAV and transfer to Itunes and WMP, Windows Media Player.


You may need a separate metadata editor …

I send my WAV’s to iTunes with just the tracknames and use iTunes as my metadata editor.


It seems impossible to Put the invidual track names song and Artist into each record as it only lets you do it once.


Please read above Can anyone help?


Does this help?

Just read bits of this Whats the Difference between save file as and Metadata ? Also

When I record all the Music ie 20 or so songs How do I label them Song And Artist without splitting the Track ie Sat recording the whole 20 tracks then i cannot enter each individual track as The Song i click Solo In the song enter track but it does not let me enter second track and so forth using the Blue thibmg that comes up when Iam recording across the screen.


Can anyone Help?


The link that Steve pointed you at earlier contains the best workflow that I know for getting stuff into iTunes and adjusting the metadata (I wrote the workflow tutorial) - so please read and follow the steps in:

If you get stuck please tell us exactly which step you get stuck on and why - detail is good.

You can try messing around with setting metadata in Audacity but I can assure you (after many years of doing this) that it is much easier to manage all except the trackname in iTunes rather than faffing around with it in Audacity.

If you’re burning 20 tracks as one continuous (gapless) track to a CD, see “Cue Sheets” to add the metadata … [bottom of page]

However if they are 20 individual tracks then you don’t need a gapless CD. Just split the tracks up.

The CD burning software may not be able to read the metadata (artist/track-title) you’ve added to each track in Audacity, if so you may have to add the metadata again in the CD burning program. The ID3 tag editing program I linked to earlier in this thread produces metadata which is more compatible (readable by other software) than the Audacity metadata.

nks have had a quick look what I mean is I record all 20 tracks and Whilst recording the blue lines come up as Iam recording Once I have finished it says Save file yes or no I say yes Then I add the Song and Artist into it But I dont know how to add the rest of them with the first track I click on Solo I cannot do this with the rest of the tracks. I would need to split the tracks how do I split the tracks? Then i can imput all the song one by one or is it better to record one song put in the Song title and Artist then do this for all 20 songs?


Dave, you have been given all of the necessary information many times over in both this topic and your previous topic.

Please do not just “have a quick look” at the information provided. If you want to be able to do this then you will need to read the information carefully and diligently.
If you still cannot master it even after carefully studying the information, then I’m sorry to say that we are unable to help you further and you will need to find someone locally that is able to provide personal one to one assistance. Perhaps it would help if you joined a local computer users group.

With around 30 replies from 5 forum users I think that we can honestly say that we have tried to the best of our ability to help you, but unfortunately with no success. I really do think that you need someone to sit with you and show you, but that is beyond what we can do on a forum.

Select a track then choose “export selection” from the “Edit” menu (top left) then you give that track a “file name”, then press the “save” button, then you should be given an opportunity to fill in the song/artist metadata for that track. Then select the next track and repeat the process.

There is a slightly slicker semi-automated way of doing this via “Export Multiple” (in edit menu), where you label each of the tracks in your recording and export (save) them as a batch.

Ok Thanks.