recording albums to computer

I am new to audacity. I need help. I am trying to record my albums to my computer. I can get the recording but when i play it back it sounds like it’s comming from the bottom of a tin can. what am I doinng wrong? can i fix this?

Please describe your equipment (make and model is good) and how it is connected to your computer (USB, line input, etc.).

Also see:,_LPs_or_minidiscs_to_CD

– Bill

using a hitachi turntable, into a onkyo amp out the tape out port of the amp with AV cables into the microphone port on a Acer laptop

See “You should not generally connect to the microphone (red) port of the computer” in the tutorial we pointed to ( ) .


You’re probably not on Mac OS if you’ve got an Acer laptop. Correct?

– bill

your right the post was to be for the windows 7 form. I could not figure out how to move it. Are you able to move it? the only sound in I have for the laptop is the microphone jack, there are no av in ports. I do have an HDMI but i think it’s a line out only.

Gale i read the manual from the link you sent me and it sounds like I may have to go the USB that just getting another cable.

I moved the topic to Windows.

No it means getting a new USB device which will come with the USB cable to connect to the computer. Tape out of the amplifier will go into line-in of the USB audio device.

Does this Onkyo amplifier provide phono amplification, so including RIAA equalisation to prevent the recordings sounding “tinny”? If not, it is better you buy a USB device that includes phono amplification.


yes it does phono amplification. the records sound good when I play them through the sterio.