Recording acoustic piano

I have just downloaded Audacity 2.4.2 on Windows 10. New User. All I want to do is record an acoustic piano. When I do, the result sounds like the piano is being plucked and only the higher frequencies come through. This is being recorded through the microphone in a Dell laptop. I have record this piano on other recording programs and the sound is OK. I would like to know the appropriate settings for Audacity to record an acoustic piano.


It’s very probably not an Audacity thing. Audacity doesn’t apply effects, filters or corrections when recording.

Unless you stop it, your laptop will try to set up the microphone for voice communications or conferencing. Voice Processing hates music.

Go into the Windows setups and see if you can find all the “enhancements.”

Do you like to use Skype or Zoom? They have their own processing, effects and filters. Sometimes they’re hidden and they’re always supervisory. They take priority. Restart the machine and don’t let anything else start.

other recording programs

Such as?


Thanks. I give that a look.