Recording a USB Mic

Hi! I have Audacity installed on my Windows 10 based Quadcore PC and my plan is to record from my usb condenser mic and also through the stereo input option for certain Youtube videos i like.
I’m successful in recording both however, when monitoring the input levels i can only see that they’re active but can’t hear them while recording.
I can only hear them after I’ve recorded.
What are my options to hear what i’m recording for the mic and for Youtube?

[u]Tutorial - Recording Multi-track Overdubs[/u].

You’ll need to record the backing track first rather then trying to record it at the same time.

[u]Software playthrough[/u] will allow you to hear what you’re recording, but there is always some latency (delay) through the computer. You can adjust the [u]Latency/Buffer Length[/u] but it can be a “challenge” to get an acceptable/unnoticeable amount of latency without glitches/dropouts.

There are USB mics and USB interfaces with built-in headphone jacks zero-latency hardware monitoring (where the monitoring path doesn’t go-through the computer). Or with an analog mic you can use a mixer for monitoring. IMO - Those are the BEST solutions. You can still monitor the backing track from the computer, and that latency can be compensate for (to keep your vocals aligned with the backing track).