Recording a track and having it repeated over and over.

I am sorry it my topic sounds silly, but I am new to Audacity and this forum. I need help, especially because working with this type of a download (Audacity), confuses me. I have a recording of a voice saved to my computer. I need that voice to be start at the beginning of my track then to be repeated every minute five seconds for about 35 minutes. The voice just says Zumba Zumba twice and then I need it to be repeated again a minute five seconds later. Can anyone walk me through or send me a link to a tutorial on how to do that? Thanks!

You want nothing but silence between the Zumba’s?

Import the Zumba file.

Press K on your keyboard to move cursor to end of the track.

Generate > Silence of 1 minute 5 seconds or a little less.

CTRL + A to select all.

Effect > Repeat 30 times or however many gives you the length you want. Repeat shows you the new selection length including the original selection that you are repeating.


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Yes, I want silence. Thanks so much! I will give this a try :slight_smile:

Sorry…like I said, I’m new and I though I got a message saying something about asking what windows and Audacity version I was using, so I re posted the question so that was made known. I wasn’t trying to be unfair or to confuse anyone.

Yes, we ask that in the pink panel above, and it’s helpful to add that information (Windows 8 and Audacity 2.0.5, you said).

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