Recording a study guide

I am a new member trying to figure out how I can make Audacity perform for me. I am looking to record my readings of certain textbook materials. As a novice, I cannot quite understand several areas of the program. For example, If I’ve been recording for a while and choose to stop, and then return to record additional information, how do I start recording again (starting from where I left off earlier). I was able to record initially. When I attempt to record for a second time, I want to have the recording follow the earlier recording so that there are no breaks in the recording. When I click pause and attempt to record, it reverts back to replaying what I recorded earlier. How do I expand upon that, starting from the point at which I had stopped, and until I stop once again. Perhaps there is documentation that explains how to record, stop and pick up recording to follow up on the initial recording.

I just made a simple recording, pressed pause, made a sandwich, then pressed pause again and continued to record. no breaks.

Did I do something you didn’t do? I think all the Audacity versions work like this.


Once you Stop Audacity and press Record again, it puts the new audio on a new track (since Audacity is a multi-track recorder).

You can do this: Record something, press stop when you want a break. Click the cursor in Audacity near the end of the first track you recorded and press Record, you will begin recording to a new track at the point that you clicked the cursor. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Once you’re done, use the Time Shift Tool to move all the tracks around so there are no pauses in the recording, then use Audacity’s Export function to end up with a wav file of everything.

The Time Shift tool is in the top left, it looks like two arrows pointing to the left and right with a line between them. You can use that to drag any individual track to the left or right in the timeline.

Any audio that is lined up vertically will play at the same time, so if you want no overlapping you just have to shift each track so the voice starts after the previous track has finished.

Thanks for that little tip Andy, I never knew about that timeshift tool and have always faffed about cutting and pasting to try to achieve the same effect - most useful.