Recording a Radio Scanner with Vista and Mic In.

Alright, I have a Uniden BR330T radio scanner, which I wish to record with Audacity by simply plugging in a 3.5mm male to male stereo audio cable from the headphones port of the BR330T and the other end in to my laptop’s Mic In, because there simply is no line in.

My laptop is a Compaq Presario F739WM.

When I record with Audacity and even Windows Mixer shows it in Vista Home Premium, is even when the device is making no audio at all, it still is receiving noise, even though I’ve recording from my BR330T with XP and many desktops and never had noise.

I read in a few areas of the Internet that I Mic In’s are normally mono and so I was thinking if I should just get a 3.5mm mono male to male or not?

<<<the other end in to my laptop’s Mic In>>>

Mic-In connections are expecting an audio signal roughly a thousand times lower than the one the scanner is producing. The laptop is amplifying the noise floor from the scanner which, along with everything else, is a thousand times louder than it should be.

You might be able to put one of these to good use…

The plug goes into the scanner and you will need a male to male cable to connect the laptop. Turn the adjustment way down and see if that doesn’t help.