Recording a Podcast - Voice question

I have just installed audacity version 2.0.5 on my Mac 10.9.3. I have set up the mic and recorded a voice clip: I imported an .mp3 file and then hit “record” and recorded my voice while the song played. Another track opened below with my voice separately. Normally while I talk the volume of the song has to be lower otherwise my voice gets mixed up with the song. I cannot find how to do that. The result is when I export the project (when I combine the song along with my voice) in one .mp3 file I get a song with normal volume and my voice over it but I cannot hear what I say because the volume of the track is too loud. Normally an external mixer would do the job but I do not have the space for that. Can’t I lower the volume of the track while I speak (so that what I say can be heard) and record the outcome? Do I have to follow a different procedure?

Thank you in advance for your attention, I hope I have explained my problem clearly.


Does the track with your voice recording also contain the music? If you Solo your voice track what do you hear?

If your voice track contains only your voice, use the track volume control to lower the volume of the music track, or use the envelope tool to dynamically control the volume of the music track.'s_on-board_sound_card

– Bill