Recording a podcast from different sources.

I am attempting to record a podcast.

Within the podcast I am playing some funny sound effects, movie quotes, and random things from my computer.

I am using a usb microphone for he vocal recordings and in the past we have simply used the speakers and played the clips over “open air” into the mic.

You can guess that the quality was not that great.

Is there any way to do this through audacity to have one track recording my voice and another track recording what the computer is playing. One solution is to back through the podcast and insert the clips manually but we are hoping to have a more spontaneous show.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

You could do that with a small mixer, say a couple of microphones and headset feeds. The computer with the sound effects on it is one of the inputs of the mixer. Then record the finished show onto the second computer.

Edit your brains out since shows like that never come out the right time or the right quality at the first pass. However, the whole show is there and it’s just necessary to touch it up a bit, not drop entire segments in. Should be pretty quick.

Most people want to do this on one computer. That’s really difficult because most computers hate doing two different audio things at the same time.