Recording a Multi-Point Interview

Remember when I said people should set their cellphones on Personal Recorder and stick them on the talent for an interview instead of trying to run wires or use long-distance microphones?

This is a “movie” made insanely cheaply and I was fascinated with how they handled sound.

Anybody know what those things are on the talent’s chest? Note the camera operator appears to be wearing three of them.

Nobody on an upper-case “B” budget would be using radio microphones, so they have to be stand-alone recorders and somebody is going to be smashing all those tracks together in post. Interesting there’s always two.

The only time the sound turns to garbage is when they were forced to use existing tracks.


Those grabs are all taken from the kiss-off interview at the end of the show, so you don’t have to sit through the whole thing so see the motion version. Koz

I think that they are using this unit here:

Or a variant of it. $30 from Amazon.

“Ideal for fitness buffs.”

That let’s me out.

Does look right, doesn’t it? You start it running at the beginning of, what, probably the day and download it later. You could even have one per day to help with bookkeeping.

I’m crushed that you can’t get the 8GB model in Teal.

I noticed nobody had whishing cloth noises. That’s pretty unusual.

Bookkeeping might be a problem. Somebody dumps six of these on your desk and a pile of video clips. Have a happy day. We assume the Assistant Camera didn’t walk out in the scene with a clapboard at the beginning of shooting. But maybe they did. Slating shots only gets left out once at the beginning of your career. Then, after a month of straightening out mystery shots and clips in post, you learn.

On my to-do list is putting a conventional lavalier microphone on an iPod and get the same effect without the clunky box on your chest. I ran the personal recorder on mine and it complained rightly that I had not connected the microphone.