Recording a long recording into one recording

I have Windows 7 with IE 9 and I downloaded Audacity 2 recently from an exe file. I have a sermon on cd that I am trying to edit then save. The problem is, when I open the recording in Audacity, it has about 34 separate tracks. I know how to edit each track the way I want it, but when I get through I do not know how to put it all together and listen to the whole sermon from beginning to end as one recording. It just plays one track at a time then stops. How do I get it to go to play the next track automatically in one stream instead of stopping and me having to click on the next track? I need to record the whole recording when I finish editing it. It is an mp3 file.

I’m fuzzy on how you got to where you are now. You ripped the Music CD into individual sound files and imported into Audacity? Or the CD was a data CD with a pile of MP3 files in it?

In any event, Audacity does not have (that I know) Append/Import – collect a bunch of files into one long show. It’s a feature request. So what you should have gotten is a bunch of sound files one above the other. They will all try to play at once if you pressed SpaceBar play or pressed the PLAY button. Is that what you have? If you do, you can use the Time Shift Tool (sideways black arrows) to push each segment sideways so the beginning of the second occurs at the end of the first. Continue to all the segments. When you Export a sound file, Audacity will pile them all into one long show. It will also play the show as one continuous stream from the timeline. This is where I can’t figure out how you got to where you are now.

There is an Audacity preference that affects this.

Edit > Preferences > Import/Export > Always Mix…


If you have 34 tracks on an audio CD and ripped the CD to 34 MP3’s you can do better than that.

Use CDex, rip to WAV, not MP3 to avoid audio losses and choose the option to extract a “partial CD track”. Then you can rip the sermon to a single WAV file. CDex is a separate download from another project.

Please see here .


I have cdex - where is “partial cd track” located? Under “Convert” there is “extract a section of the cd” and on the right “extract a section of the cd to wav file.” Is that what you are referring to?

This is explained in the link I gave .

Right-click on any of the tracks > Extract partial CD Track, or press F10.

F10 is the shortcut for Convert > Extract a section of the CD.