Recording a keyboard

I have a question that sort of pertains to this “headset” question as well. I work at a music store and recently sold a customer a simple keyboard. Well, she’s trying to record through her Lenovo E531 into the “mic” jack. She’s not going for quality or anything, just the basics. Come to find out it’s not just a regular mic input, it’s one of those TRRS jacks that has the headset symbol on it. Audacity is not letting me select the mic input jack to record her keyboard and I’m thinking it’s because it’s a TRRS jack. Is this correct? Is there anyway around this? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, thanks!

Not related, so I started a new topic for you with a relevant title.

If that’s the only input she has then it expects a 4-position jackplug. You can get an adaptor but she does not want to do that because the input side is meant only for the mic of a headset, not for line level stereo that the keyboard should produce.

So she needs a USB interface that has a line-in. See Audacity Manual .


Mic-In isn’t a general audio input no matter how it’s configured and frequently produces badly overloaded and distorted sound. It’s usually mono as well, not stereo, so if your keyboard has stereo effects (like my keyboard does), the effects and the quality will be lost.

Pick something from the recommended USB adapter list.

My particular keyboard has no Line-Out and so I split my Headphone-Out with simple “Y” cables, one split to the sound system and the other to the computer.


Okay I understand what your saying. I did let her know that her only option may be an interface of some kind, just wanted to explore all the options. Thanks so much!