recording a file in MAC and opening in Windows

My son is taking an online French course this summer. He needs to make recordings on Audacity and send the file to his teacher. The problem we had when he took French I was that his teacher was unable to open the files he recorded on the MAC. Is there something he is doing wrong that we can fix. Not sure how else he will get his course done. Any help would be appreciated.

Most people think they can Save a sound file in Audacity. They can’t. They can, however, Export one.

Make sure Audacity Preferences are set for 44100, 16-bit, Stereo. That’s not how Audacity comes out of the box.

Once the performance is completed, Export As WAV and that file will open up in almost any computer; Windows, Mac or Linux.

Large WAV files are very high quality, but will not go through many email systems, so you may need to Export As MP3. Choose at least 192 bit rate for a good quality Stereo show. Sound quality goes down with the bitrate. You will need to install the separate “lame” MP3 software to do this.


Just because Macs have problems with this…how are you capturing the voice? What’s the step between the lips and the Mac?