recording a bass track

Hello…I have an mp3 that I would like to record along with and add a bass track…can you suggest any software that i can usethat will work with audacity that i can play and record the bass to the track…any cheap or free software would be great …something with a keyboard interface …any suggestions and instructions how how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated…

What do you have now?

I dont have anything yet…i was hoping there would be some software with a keyboard type gui to interface with audacity that i could record a bass track and import it into an mp3

Is your computer capable of recording sounds that are playing on the computer? If you are using Windows, the information here may help you to determine if you can or not.

The problem is trying to get the computer to push music both directions at once. If you have a “fake” keyboard, the computer will play it out to your speakers or headphones so you can enjoy it. Full Stop.

Audacity will capture any music you make outside the computer by digitizing it at your Mic-In or Line-In connections. Again, Full Stop. They generally don’t cross.

People who like to record internet audio like YouTube or iTunes Store need a special configuration to run playback and record at the same time and that’s what you would need. Be sure and write down what you did to get there, because you need to UNDO all those changes to do normal music editing – and some computers won’t do this at all.


Thank you for all this help…I am new to this game…
I do have and external soundcard…it a Tascam US-122 and I do have a Yamaha QS300 keyboard…I have never hooked either up to the computer yet…would these work for me to do what i need to do?

I don’t have direct experience of either of those devices, but just from a quick look on Google to see what they are it looks like they would do the job provided that your computer has a suitable operating system (the product page seems to suggest that the Tascam is not compatible with Windows 7).

Audacity has only rudimentary support for MIDI which does not include recording or playing back MIDI data, but it should be fine for recording audio. Just connect the Tascam USB to your computer and connect an audio output from the Yamaha to the Tascam. Set up the Tascam in accordance with the instructions and set Audacity to record from the Tascam (use the Device Toolbar in Audacity to select the recording input).

Cool…I will give it a try

Thank you